Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jealous Hannity on Smear Campaign

So when I got up and took a shower this morning I thought about all the Glenn Beck insanity that has been going on in recent months. In fact, at the beginning of this week I posted the Glenn Beck SNL spoof on my FaceBook page and someone called me a loser for covering Glenn Beck and his hateful smears. The person said that if I want to silence partisan opposition I should begin with my own.

First off, I really don’t think this person knows what the word ‘partisan’ means. But that aside it made me think of other right-wing pundits out there that are no where near as bad as Beck has been. This isn’t just about some right-winged guy on TV that I don’t like, it’s about a crazy person who’s making up lies and trying to spell things out like “oligarh”.

Here’s an interesting piece of information for everyone. I would much rather watch Hannity on TV on a daily basis (which I used to do anyway) then hear Glenn Beck’s voice anywhere.

So back to my story, I was in the shower thinking about these pundits when I thought, “Wow, Sean Hannity must be pissed off that Glenn Beck is getting so much more attention than he is”. Then I got on the computer and found this lovely article on Media Matters for America about Sean Hannity’s new smear campaign against a Department of Education official Kevin Jennings.


Just last night, Hannity claimed (citing a Washington Times report) that Jennings covered up a "statutory rape." But evidence indicates the episode in question was not statutory rape -- the individual involved was at the legal age of consent.

Falsely accusing someone of covering up the rape of a minor is a pretty sleazy move, even for Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity doesn't have much credibility outside the right-wing fever swamps -- but he probably has more than Beck. For now. Sargent thinks Hannity's jealousy may be getting him in trouble.

Sean does have credibility oddly enough in the fact that he isn’t an insane invalid. I’ve never seen Sean running around the studio with crazy conspiracies, or screaming at someone on his radio show and acting like he was just going to go crazy. Although he does scream at a lot of people I must say he never seemed like he was going to pop a gasket and be sent off to the funny farm. That’s not Sean’s MO. He’s a bully and a spin expert and can probably spin just about any subject in the world. He’s not a very good story teller though.

I think we can expect to see a lot more of this though. Knowing Sean I’m very sure he could get more attention if he pursues it with the same energy in which he destroys. He’ll have to work hard though because Beck has all of the attention, and it’s all bad attention which is the kind of attention people like to follow. So come on Hannity, come on Bill! Do something absolutely crazy and maybe the spot light will be back on you guys!

I’m sorry but Glenn Beck is insane. He even admitted to being suicidal at one point and honestly I’m not surprised by the way this guy acts.

I’m not sorry that some out there think I’m a loser for trying to get this stuff through people’s heads. If you can’t see the facts about this venomous, insane TV personality then what do you see exactly?

Watch this video from the Young Turks, you’ll hear Glenn Beck losing his mind and then you will see Glenn admitting to being suicidal at one point.