Friday, April 10, 2009

Conservative Media: Obama Supports One-World Government

This is aboslutely stupid. The conservative media is sugguesting that Obama supports a one-world government. They say that Obama is working his way toward repealing the Declaration of Independence, and taking away our right to bare arms. This is all an attempt to control the people through a type of socialist/fascist/nazi/marxist governemnt. Funny though...Nazism and Fascism are the same thing...and socialism and Marxism are the same thing. Ihonestly think they are trying to throw all those words together becuase the truth is many people don't know what they mean. So when you use four words that all mean the same thing you can scare a lot of people.

Fox News is behind this as well. Things were doing great while Bush was in office, but now we are three months into Obama's Presidency and the world is just falling apart. I honestly know that Obama will lead this country in the right direction. And what's funny is after Obama's term the conservatives will say, "remember when we were communists? Thank god those days are over." But we aren't! Nor will we ever be!

If anyone is responcible for America becoming a fascist nation it's the republicans. They profiled people they don't like who are "possible terrorist", they threw them all in CAMPS, where they tortured these people. And the Republicans have also been pushing this National ID card, which will have RFID tracking chips on them. They're plan is to have EVERYONE use these cards EVERYWHERE. And soon it will be in our money as well. They will know EVERYTHING about you, what you buy, where you go etc. And if you protest, they will simply turn off your chip and you are no longer a citizen. You can't buy things, work, drive, or go ANYWHERE.

From the article:

The one-world government rhetoric has been advanced by some of Fox News' most familiar faces. For instance, in an April 6 column headlined, "The Declaration of Independence has been repealed," Fox News contributor Dick Morris claimed, "On April 2, 2009, the work of July 4, 1776 was nullified at the meeting of the G-20 in London" -- an assertion Morris repeated on that night's edition of Fox News' Hannity. Additionally, on the April 2 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly stated that "[s]ome believe Speaker Nancy Pelosi [D-CA], Senator Harry Reid [D-NV], and President Obama himself are sympathetic to the one-world, global-justice view," which O'Reilly had earlier described as "requir[ing] that a one-world government seize private property and distribute it so that every human being has roughly the same amount of resources." O'Reilly then demanded to know: "Where does Barack Obama stand?" And on the April 1 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, Fox News host Glenn Beck asserted, "The Constitution is being taken apart piece by piece through international coalitions, through international law, and through the United Nations."

I hope people in America are smart enough to not listen to these crazy fascists. But the sad thing is many Americans are not that smart thanks to Republicans. It's the Republican's idea to teach Creationism in classrooms as a science. It's Republicans who don't want to teach your kids about sex education. It's the Republicans who's rhetoric basically states that ignorance is bliss, therefore why would you want to be smart? Just sit back and let us control your lives. And that's what they are trying to do. Control you by making you think that Democrats like Obama are trying to take your rights away, even though they are trying to give them back to you.

It's all spin. Spin that we as Americans have to learn and stop. Don't let these Republicans control you with lies. GET WISE QUICK PEOPLE, because they ARE wise and know you are not. Stick it to them by showing them that YOU can make a difference.

Please, read the article and learn what tactics they are using against YOU.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Limbaugh: Obama Is A Scam Artist

This day just got better and better...or should I say funnier and funnier?

After Rush's absolutely crazy rant about enemies of America being friends of the Democrats he started to bash Obama and even Brown University. Obama, he says, has competition from the scam artists of America. And he is attacking Brown because they changed the name of Columbus Day to Fall Weekend. They did this because obviously Coloumbus NEVER discovered America, and also because of the treatment of natives under Columbus' conquests.

Rush compared the Brown University student's intelligence to a vast desert. Sounds to me like Rush gets lonely in that desert, and he has to bring others down with him. Now as for Obama, this is great man...Rush is critizing his plan for home owners who can't pay their mortgages and decided to compare Obama to a scam artist. Basically Obama was telling people how they can save their houses, but also warning people not to fall for the scammers. That gave Rush the green light when Obama used the word "scammers".

"Oh, what a perfect time to come up with crazy lies and make Obama seem like a scammer himself." He most lilkely thought. Here was his most outragous qoute:

LIMBAUGH: Making you money? What is it? Go in there and plug in your pathetic figures, listen to the administration's website tell you whether you qualify, but don't go out there -- don't go out there. And if anybody that demands money up front -- that's right. The government demands money all the time, at the end, from the front, from the rear, from the down, from the up. What do we got? We got scammers out there?

Obama is admitting that there are scam artists in America now that he's president? They're going to take advantage of the people? Don't be fooled. So, he realizes he's got competition. He's in competition with the loan sharks, ladies and gentlemen.

Obama has competition? He's competing with loan sharks? Where the hell does Rush come up with this crazy shit? It's just like I was talking about in my last blog about Rush. When that guy Charles told Rush that no matter what Obama does he will criticize him because he is brainwashed. Well I don't think he is brainwashed, I think he is the brainWASHER lol.

When are we as Americans going to wake up and stop listening to these crazy fricking radio pundints that have no brain what-so-ever? i mean damn, Hannity gets all his material from the Rand Corporation. Thats a big right-winged think tank and supplies Hannity and these stupid asses with the intelligent seeming "facts" that they always have. Basically people at Rand get together and say, "ok how can we spin this? What can we say to get people to think this good thing is actually a bad thing?"

That's how these assholes make their careers. It's disgusting man.

Here's a good point. When Bush was in office these pundints used to say how unamerican it is to criticize the President. But now all they do is criticize Obama! How unamerican of these republicans who claim to love this country! You can't criticize our President! That's not patriotic! They should all go to a place where freedom doesn't exsist and THEN see what they think of our great country!

Ahh, it feels GREAT to turn the table on these illogical bastards.


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Rush Limbaugh's Latest Rant: "(Pirates) are friends of the democratic party."

Rush Limbaugh's latest rant about the rebound of piracy is absolutley CRAZY. His statement comes to us while an American captain is being held hostage by Somalian pirates and is waiting to be rescued. Rush's statement was pretty damn clear...and stupid as usual. But thisd isn't the first time these Republican pundints have tried this angle. Ann Coulter uses it, Sean hannity uses it, Bill O'Reilly uses it. And now Rush is using it, no surprise there though.

Saying that the enemies of America are friends of the Democratic party is another case of spin. This is what Limbaugh said on his show TODAY:

You know, people are like, "How come piracy is rebounding?" Piracy is rebounding precisely because of the American left and the European left's lack of intestinal fortitude -- gonads, if you will -- to categorize these people as they really are and to pursue them on that basis.

"We can't torture them." When we don't torture -- whatever we do is called torture. Everything we did to get answers was called torture. We can't do that.

We're mean. We're the bad guys. We put them up in a hellhole called Guantánamo Bay and Abu Ghraib. We're the bad guys. We're setting a bad example for the world. These people are just from an oppressed minority. We're too big. It's totally understandable why these people would hate us. We're the world's superpower. We steal the resources of the world to enrich ourselves, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

The Democrat Party -- enemies of America are friends of the Democrat Party.

Wow Rush...blah blah articulate....

This is just as bad as Ann Coulter when she wrote that book, "Godless: The Church of Liberalism".

Rush the truth is, you are nothing but a tool for the Republican party. You have a listener base of MORONS that you could say ANYTHING to and they would believe you. And lets be honest now Rush, piracy did rebound. but it was STARTING to rebound after BUSH TOOK OFFICE! There were all kinds of reports about Somalian pirates when bush was in offce. So how is this the fault of Democrats?

You pundints all say the same bullcrap. When bush took office Hannity said he inherited a Clinton recession. That wasn't true becuase the recession started AFTER Bush took office. And now that Obama has inherited the Bush recession what do you have to say for yourselves? It's always everyone else's fault but yours.

Just to make my point clear, I'm not blaming the rebound of piracy on the Republicans. Piracy HAPPENS, and it has been happening for hundreds of years. It's no one's fault, besides when you try to keep the pirates down they just think of new ways to get back into business. Just like any drug lord or gang. People grow and they become smarter, craftier, and sneakier. To say piracy is the fault of Democrats because of this one instance is stupid. If thats were a real logical answer I could say based on the same logic that Republicans are at fault for piracy, because they were around during the Bush administration.

People please, open your eyes and ears and start getting smart quick before assholes like Rush Limbaugh brainwash you and turn you into one of his "ditto-heads".

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The Blog Cherry

Gotta pop the blog cherry with something good but there isn't much...

Oh hey! In case you already don't know, my name is Reno. And this little page here is my blog, where I will write about stuff that happens....duh.

No really, I like blogs because they are like journals that everyone can read. I believe treating a blog that way is a good way to allow people to understand you better.

Well here is some background history for me;

I'm 24

I live in Huntington beach with my grandpa, who has a serious case of dementia. I have to take care of him.

I used to live in another area of Huntington Beach with some CRAZY bitch named Dina Brush and her brother Chops. I had to get the hell out of there though because I realized that Dina was a pathological liar and sociopath. She basically ruined the friendship I had for 7 years with Erica Newberg by talking a bunch of shit and telling everyone lies. She is seriously a sick woman, and I feel bad for her three kids, they are the REAL victims, not her.

Aside from that, I have a lot of good friends that I made from Silky Sullivan's. One of my very good friends is Leslie Moore, and in the past few months she has been my REAL TRUE friend. She has helped me out so much and is always there for me. We're are both Irish and Capricorns, so it worked out very well!

Anyway, this blog is neat and all, but it still has some bugs that need to be worked out.

Welp, stay tuned for more blogs and more crazy stories! Hopefully I get a good set of readers here. And please, feel free to comment about ANYTHING I post, I love to know that people are reading about me and thinking about me. Especially if they have something funny to say :D