Thursday, April 9, 2009

Limbaugh: Obama Is A Scam Artist

This day just got better and better...or should I say funnier and funnier?

After Rush's absolutely crazy rant about enemies of America being friends of the Democrats he started to bash Obama and even Brown University. Obama, he says, has competition from the scam artists of America. And he is attacking Brown because they changed the name of Columbus Day to Fall Weekend. They did this because obviously Coloumbus NEVER discovered America, and also because of the treatment of natives under Columbus' conquests.

Rush compared the Brown University student's intelligence to a vast desert. Sounds to me like Rush gets lonely in that desert, and he has to bring others down with him. Now as for Obama, this is great man...Rush is critizing his plan for home owners who can't pay their mortgages and decided to compare Obama to a scam artist. Basically Obama was telling people how they can save their houses, but also warning people not to fall for the scammers. That gave Rush the green light when Obama used the word "scammers".

"Oh, what a perfect time to come up with crazy lies and make Obama seem like a scammer himself." He most lilkely thought. Here was his most outragous qoute:

LIMBAUGH: Making you money? What is it? Go in there and plug in your pathetic figures, listen to the administration's website tell you whether you qualify, but don't go out there -- don't go out there. And if anybody that demands money up front -- that's right. The government demands money all the time, at the end, from the front, from the rear, from the down, from the up. What do we got? We got scammers out there?

Obama is admitting that there are scam artists in America now that he's president? They're going to take advantage of the people? Don't be fooled. So, he realizes he's got competition. He's in competition with the loan sharks, ladies and gentlemen.

Obama has competition? He's competing with loan sharks? Where the hell does Rush come up with this crazy shit? It's just like I was talking about in my last blog about Rush. When that guy Charles told Rush that no matter what Obama does he will criticize him because he is brainwashed. Well I don't think he is brainwashed, I think he is the brainWASHER lol.

When are we as Americans going to wake up and stop listening to these crazy fricking radio pundints that have no brain what-so-ever? i mean damn, Hannity gets all his material from the Rand Corporation. Thats a big right-winged think tank and supplies Hannity and these stupid asses with the intelligent seeming "facts" that they always have. Basically people at Rand get together and say, "ok how can we spin this? What can we say to get people to think this good thing is actually a bad thing?"

That's how these assholes make their careers. It's disgusting man.

Here's a good point. When Bush was in office these pundints used to say how unamerican it is to criticize the President. But now all they do is criticize Obama! How unamerican of these republicans who claim to love this country! You can't criticize our President! That's not patriotic! They should all go to a place where freedom doesn't exsist and THEN see what they think of our great country!

Ahh, it feels GREAT to turn the table on these illogical bastards.


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  1. I'm right there with you. Rush is an incendiary agent to the already burning America. I can't even believe this guy has a job, let alone "followers". And you know how I feel about followers.


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