Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Blog Cherry

Gotta pop the blog cherry with something good but there isn't much...

Oh hey! In case you already don't know, my name is Reno. And this little page here is my blog, where I will write about stuff that happens....duh.

No really, I like blogs because they are like journals that everyone can read. I believe treating a blog that way is a good way to allow people to understand you better.

Well here is some background history for me;

I'm 24

I live in Huntington beach with my grandpa, who has a serious case of dementia. I have to take care of him.

I used to live in another area of Huntington Beach with some CRAZY bitch named Dina Brush and her brother Chops. I had to get the hell out of there though because I realized that Dina was a pathological liar and sociopath. She basically ruined the friendship I had for 7 years with Erica Newberg by talking a bunch of shit and telling everyone lies. She is seriously a sick woman, and I feel bad for her three kids, they are the REAL victims, not her.

Aside from that, I have a lot of good friends that I made from Silky Sullivan's. One of my very good friends is Leslie Moore, and in the past few months she has been my REAL TRUE friend. She has helped me out so much and is always there for me. We're are both Irish and Capricorns, so it worked out very well!

Anyway, this blog is neat and all, but it still has some bugs that need to be worked out.

Welp, stay tuned for more blogs and more crazy stories! Hopefully I get a good set of readers here. And please, feel free to comment about ANYTHING I post, I love to know that people are reading about me and thinking about me. Especially if they have something funny to say :D

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  1. You had better stick with this one if you want people to read and comment.


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