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Larry Flint's Shooter Executed

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Ever see the movie The People Vs Larry Flint? If you have then you know exactly who Larry Flint is, what he does for a living, and what happened to him. I suggest if you haven’t seen it to watch it if you have the chance.

Larry Flint is the man who started Hustler Magazine, a hardcore controversial pornography magazine which features pictures of women in hardcore nudity as well as politically based articles and cartoon strips. The magazine is described by some as disgusting and not just because of it’s imagery but because of its offensive writing style which has been highly popularized since its inception to make the magazine seem different from Playboy.

Larry Flint was not a very well-liked man, and not because he was some evil monster. People didn’t like him because he owned a magazine which he felt had to cut out the bullshit and get straight to the ‘fucking’ issue. His photography would contain women in explicit hardcore poses, spreading their legs and genitals in what most people might describe as deviant. His articles would usually involve satires of public figures engaging in obscene or taboo sexual affairs. The words “obscene” and “taboo” are really an understatement though.

A good example of this is when he published a magazine which contained an article about Jerry Falwell which told a story of Mr. Falwell’s experiences with consensual incest with his mother. After being sued Flint was asked in court if he had any proof that Jerry Falwell had sex with his mother, at which point he denied he had proof of that but implied he had video of Falwell performing fallatio on a sheep.

Larry Flint from 2009
Yes Larry certainly had many people in an uproar. But on one faithful day on March 16th, 1978 Flint was shot by what was then an unknown assailant. Flint was paralyzed from the waste down after the shooting and will never be able to walk again.

The shooter was Joseph Paul Franklin, 63 a white supremacist who was accused of killing as many as 20 other people, targeting blacks and Jews in a nation-wide killing spree between the years of 1977-1980. He was also the man who shot civil rights leader Vernon Jordan in 1980. He was finally caught and sentenced to death after killing a man named Gerald Gordon near a synagogue in St. Louis, MO in 1980.

Scheduled to be executed at 12:01AM 11/20/2013, a judge refused to stay his execution, saying that the crimes committed by Franklin where "cowardly” and “calculated”. However, another MO judge has decided to stay the execution of the shooter until the execution protocol is reviewed.


In her 14-page ruling late Tuesday afternoon, U.S. District Court Judge Nanette Laughrey criticized the timing of the state's changes to its lethal-injection procedures, stating that "details of the execution protocol have been illusive at best."

Larry Flint in my book is a very bad ass civil rights activist, and what he is doing here is even more astounding. Flint is a guy who is pretty much open to anything and he shies away from nothing. Homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals, heterosexual, black, white, Asian, Jew, it doesn’t matter who you were. If you were a good person than you were welcomed as a friend to him, and this is something about Larry that I think gets over looked too much and I think a lot of that stigma still involves the fact that he is a hardcore porno publisher and lives a life that seemingly puts Huge Heffner’s to shame.

That being said, the reason Joe Franklin decided to kill Flint that day was because Flint had published some pictures of an interracial couple together in the December 1975 edition of Hustler. This was during a time when racism was still a huge issue in many parts of the country. To place a black man with a white woman in a pornographic scene together was unheard of and disgusting to most people.


'I saw that interracial couple he had, photographed there, having sex,' he says. Franklin is referring to the December 1975 issue of Hustler that featured several photos of a black man with a white woman. 'It just made me sick. I think whites marry with whites, blacks with blacks, Indians with Indians. Orientals with orientals. I threw the magazine down and thought, I'm gonna kill that guy.'

The amazing part of this whole story is that now we have come to the end of days for Joe Franklin as far as the government sees it and a judge granted him a stay of execution. This was because Joe had requested the stay on the grounds that the drugs used during lethal injection violate the Constitutions ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

Joe Franklin in court
Flint himself has rolled forward and call for clemency for Joe as well saying, “"the government has no business at all being in the business of killing people." Even though this man shot and paralyzed Flint nearly ruining his life Flint spoke up about how he felt about Franklin being executed. "A life spent in a 3-by-6-foot cell is far harsher than the quick release of a lethal injection” he said. "I have had many years in this wheelchair to think about this very topic."

All I can say is that Flintis a man of true character, regardless of his sorted past. There is nothing I can say about his assailant other than I agree with the previous judge who called him a “coward”.

However, after hours of delaying the execution Joe Franklin was finally put to death at 6:07AM CT. He had no final meal and no last statements.

I’m not making a case for the abolition of the death penalty. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about the issue. I can tell you I have never jumped out of my seat and cheered for executing someone for heinous deeds, but I haven’t sat around raising my voice about capital punishment being bad. Some people need closure and cannot get it until they feel like justice has been dispensed.

Was justice dispensed though? Is it right to kill someone for killing another? Either if the person is hateful and despised does that make it right? I’m not sure of that answer. However I do think that how we treat others and executing people for crimes will be one of the major factors that define us as a species. 


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