Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Threat of ISIS

So these crazy religious fucks who called themselves the
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (also known as ISIL the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) have gone and straight up beheaded a fucking American journalist, Steven Sotloff. Just some innocent man of the pen-er-keyboard, who was only doing his god damn job writing about the things he saw, was filmed being beheaded by a jihadist coward.

If you read my shit-rag often enough you'll know that I am a proud atheist and opponent of the religious right-winged political machine. However at the same time I respect other people's rights, and as far as I am concerned they can live their life in the manner that they please, so long as it's not affecting me or my pursuit of happiness. As this goes I'm often a firm fighter for people of the Islamic faith. This is because there is a growing intolerance in America toward Muslims, something the media calls 'Islamophobia'. I like to educate all of those ignorant people, and remind them of every person's rights to worship, to protest, and to build a place of worship. If you ask me, if Christians can have this right then so can Muslims.

This isn't a predilection or some jab at conforming Christian followers. I just feel everyone has the right to find happiness they way they want, as long as it doesn't affect me in my pursuit, so don't push you're sharia law or your mosaic law on me. It's that simple. But these extremist twats in the Middle East have just become a Kaposi's sarcoma on everything that is decent and mend-able in that tempestuous region.

So how did this shit happen? Why is this shit going on?

I have actually heard some folks say that it happened because President Obama pulled all of the troops out of Iraq, and that it's because we haven't invaded Syria. And when I hear these, I just laugh, and cry a little.

First off, the ISIL was created when Bush was in power, shortly after the invasion of Iraq began. The vacuum of power that was created gave birth to this ultra-radical group that even al Qaida believes is way too extremist. And with good cause too, as the ISIS is astonishingly more powerful than al Qaida. Secondly, Bush made the order to pull the majority of the troops out of Iraq before he left office.

And yes, I said that the ISIS is more powerful than al Qaida. Remember this is not a terrorist cell we are dealing with. The ISIS is an organized war force, one driven by genocidal maniacs, and one that is worthy of US intervention.

Now this may come as a shock to you, as I have in the past been against US intervention in foreign countries. But in this case we are dealing with a group of powerful, genocidal, religious maniacs who are hellbent on killing more innocent people on camera and off, in the name of their insanity. They are so insane that they make Kim Jong Un, the  "Dear Despot" of North Korea seem sane by juxtaposition.

Unfortunately, as I lead the cheers for US intervention, I realize as well that this is all a great excuse for America and the EU to get their hands on some rich land and flex some military muscle in front of Russia, Ukraine, and Syria. It could possibly even lead to American airstrikes in Syria. That's right, airstrikes in Syria.

How weird is it that last year we were bound to strike Syria, but thankfully, due to it being very unpopular to Democrat voters the plans didn't go least until now. Seems to me the perfect reason to go in and airstrike Syria and Assad.

Republicans have been shouting that they want action, and god damn it I want some fucking action as well. This is the one time I think it is OK to use force and invade into another country. These assholes are genocidal maniacs who need to be stopped immediately.

Genocide is usually pushed by people who believe they are 'cleansing' the human race. But the real facts of the matter are that genocide hurts the human race, because when you eliminate diversity you severely injure humanity's survival rate. Evolution works, folks. This is why we have people of different color skin, different builds, different attributes, different everything.

So don't have the old G'Dub Bush, knee jerk reaction when I say that the ISIS needs to be dealt with now, by force, and swiftly and harshly. 

Folks, don't take this time to feed into nonsense that the hateful actions of people are that of all of those who practice the Islamic faith. They're not all like these barbarians, they just want a good life for themselves like everyone else. So remember that your Muslim neighbor isn't some invading terrorist, or member of some organized war force, just because you don't understand them. Treat others how you would like to be treated, and let's band together so that we end the tyranny of ISIS as humans united before we have more Steven Sotloffs on our hands.

 Hash? Yes Please!

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