Friday, November 6, 2009

Ft. Hood Shooting Update

So yesterday was one crazy day. Army major Nidal Malik Hasan, just before going on his rampage at Ft. Hood killing 12 people and injuring 31 more, gave leftover frozen broccoli to one of his neighbors and called the other to thank him for his friendship, as if he was going off war. At 1:30 pm yesterday he began shooting at fellow soldiers and was thought to be killed. Then we found out that he wasn’t dead, merely just wounded and in a coma while under military guard.

More developments have been made in these horrible tragedies which do shed some light on the issue. But of course there are those out there who have no regard for people and like to twist facts and spread rumors. Mainly the Bucks County Conservative Examiner Doreen Alli Linder, who most likely doesn’t even read her own material before or after posting it.


According to Maj. Halik Nidal Hasan was a on a Homeland Security Panel advising the incoming Obama administration. Hasan, was a psychiatrist and army Major who gunned down 43 people yesterday at Fort Hood Army Base in Texas. Hasan participated on November 6 in Homeland Security Disaster Preparation, a transition task force last year.

According to Jihad Watch the panel was, "The task force was not officially affiliated with the White House. It was a project of the Homeland Security Policy Institute, an independent think tank housed at George Washington University, aimed at drafting policy recommendations for the incoming Obama administration."

Doreen Alli Linder is suggesting that major Hasan was on the Homeland Security Panel which was advising the Obama administration. There are absolutely no facts to back this statement up except for a link she posted on her blog that doesn’t even work because she doesn’t know how to make hyperlinks correctly. I got to the site she wanted to share and it’s the site. Yup, the highly conservative, highly religious, Christian fundamentalist website that tries to take itself seriously by sounding intelligent. Too bad they can’t back this up with any proof.

This man was pushed by people who hated him for his faith and persecuted him. His actions were deplorable, but let’s use this opportunity to take a look at our actions. Hasan’s car was damaged by a fellow soldier who came back from Iraq. The soldier keyed the car…


According to a Killeen police report in August, an Army employee was charged with scratching Hasan's car, causing $1,000 in damage. Apartment manager John Thompson said the man charged was a soldier back from Iraq, who objected to Hasan's faith and ripped a bumper sticker off the major's car that said: "Allah is Love."

Perhaps if people could be more understanding things like this wouldn’t happen. Or not, who knows. Hasan is in a hell of a lot of trouble either way now, and might not come out of this coma alive anyway. Why he really did I’ll never know. Maybe he really did lose it and felt betrayed by President Obama for not pulling out of the wars. Too bad Hasan, you could have been a great Army major psychiatrist, but you threw it all away and took 12 people with you.

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