Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gay Rights Pushed Back Again

Well it’s happened again everyone. Gay rights were given the boot out of Maine last night because of this hateful campaign lead by the religious right wingers who believe that marriage is reserved for straight people only. It wasn’t only a set back for gay rights, but human rights as well.

A year ago yesterday we went through the same thing here in California when Prop 8 was passed, and we all had such high hopes for Maine. It was a very upsetting night and of course the smearing continues from the right wing. I found an article today on a right winged website that argues that gay marriage and gay rights are not the same thing. Oh I’m sure, just like a black’s right to marry a white person or Latino person fifty years ago wasn’t an issue of civil rights.


Some people are claiming this as a sign, as a resounding referendum on this nation’s views of same-sex marriage. You know what? It’s hard to argue with that. Gay marriage isn’t gay rights; it’s the thorniest splinter of the thorniest national social issue this side of abortion.

What’s funny is gay rights have been compared to a lot of crazy things in the past such as bestiality, incest, and even child molestation and pedophilia. And now they are comparing it to abortion, because we all know gay people would much rather see a child be aborted then adopt one. Just like we know that gay people can’t reproduce so they are trying to recruit straight people’s children to the gay side of life and spit in god’s eye. I mean, they talk about it at all the meetings don’t they?

Now this next excerpt from the article upset me the most, as the writer claims that religious right wingers (which make up most of America according to this author) do not oppose gay rights.


That’s an important distinction. Those who worry about the “silent majority” of gay rights opponents, the people you rarely meet in the city but see in the news holding signs and public prayers, have little to fear. America does not oppose gay rights. Or, to be more specific, a majority of this country does not oppose ensuring that queer citizens receive the same rights as anyone else. That’s a fact, yes.

OK, after reading this person’s full article I realize he isn’t 100% right wing whack job, but he still made a lot of poor comments. Like saying at the end that no one is acting gay marriage or gay rights. Yeah right, that’s why gays are always told that they’re life style is wrong and disgusting and a sin and that they are going to hell. No, you see these people are just trying to protect that paradigm that they are used to.

The results of Prop1 were very close, so I do not believe that the majority of Americans believe that it’s not time for gay rights. EQCA has said that California will push for gay marriage again in 2012, which I believe is a great idea. It will give the community time to regroup and by then many more people will realize how important it is to get involved.

On another topic, Halloween was this past Sunday. I went to my local bar’s Halloween party as a Lieutenant in the Navy with a patch on that said “don’t ask don’t tell”. The reason being I hate the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy. It was a bit cryptic I know, but a lot of people liked the idea and were very good sports about playing along with it.

Also, I met a few people at the bar I haven’t seen in a while. A lot of them were very supportive of my efforts, and a lot of them really liked my idea about the free reading program. Thanks everyone!

I say down with all these hateful people and down with ‘don’t ask don’t tell’. And come on people, if you believe in this stuff it’s time to get involved and do something!

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