Thursday, November 5, 2009

Solider Shooting Spree at Fort Hood

Something terrible has happened today at Fort Hood in Texas. A soldier went on a shooting spree and killed 12 fellow soldiers and injured 31. This happened right about 1:30pm and there was no known motive for the shootings right away, an online news report said.

According to the news the shooting broke out in the bases Readiness center where troops prepare themselves for deployment or go through medical screenings. The suspect was Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan, and was soon shot and killed after he opened fire on the base. Hasan was an Army mental health professional and was most likely a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Officials making statements at the base are saying that it was unclear what Hasan’s religion was and it is still be determined whether or not Hasan is his birth name or not. The base has since been on lock down and the wounded are being treated at different hospitals across Texas.

There were two other soldiers who were apprehended and treated as suspects, but they were soon released.

Why this man would go on a killing spree at an Army base in still unknown. We know he was possibly Muslim but would that matter? The man was a 30 some year old Major in the US Army and a mental health professional, so why would he do this? We may never know unless he kept some type of record around.

This was a terribly tragic event, and I will keep everyone posted as new details come in.

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