Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barney Frank Says It Like It Is!

Yesterday at Dartmouth in Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank hosted a Health Care Town Hall Meeting in which at least 300 people showed up for. Of course the event had many Democrats who were in favor of a public health care system, and of course the opposition was there as well.

The people who opposed the health care plan were all right of center, and had pictures of President Obama which were defaced to make the President look like Hitler. But as usual, none of these folks had any real facts concerning health care, they just showed up because they don't like least it seems that way.

One woman stood up to talk to Congressman Frank, only to ask him why he supports a "Nazi policy". The woman obviously had no real facts to back up her statements, and Congressman Frank wasn't going to answer. Rather he answered by asking another question. He asked her, "what planet do you spend most of your time on?"

What a great response! Don't even give her the benefit of trying to explain what she doesn't want to accept in the first place. There are no death panels, illegal immigrants aren't getting free health care, abortions are not mandatory, and euthanasia is CERTAINLY not demanded.

Why is it that people want to shoot the President down for an idea that hasn't even made full circle in the house yet? Oh wait I know! Jerry Falwell's little cut and paste document he spread to Republicans! Which by the way, was never an official health care reform plan.

What makes people think that the USA would seriously adopt such a health care system? And to compare Obama to a man who killed so many people...this is where the spin begins.

In an effort to bash the left, Obama, and public options for health care the right winged pundits have been spreading these lies about Obama's plan. The spin they are using is rather simple. Use Jerry Falwell's cut and paste document and act like it's absolutely true. Then call Obama a Nazi, because of his false 'death panels', and his plan to demand euthanasia. Thus you paint a picture of a man that is trying to implement Nazi policies.

That's where all of this spin gets funny. How can someone equate an effort to increase health care coverage to the Nazis? How is that even possible?

OK let's be frank while talking about Frank shall we? Barney did pretty much insult her, especially when he said, "trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dinning room table".

But come on people. You can't have a debate if the other person really doesn't know what they are talking about. Get your facts straight, and don't just assume that because some right winged pundit says its true that it must be factual.

Keep saying it how it is Barney. There is no point in debating with someone who doesn't have their facts straight.

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