Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Death Care Scare!

So what's in the news lately? Health Care reform! But lately the right wing pundits are all up in arms about what they call "Obamacare". They have been going after Obama relentlessly, saying that Obama's health care plan is nothing more than a scam to kill your grandparents and younger children who are not doing as much as they can for society.

You know, if the issue were that serious and Obama is going to start killing us off, why don't the right wingers call it "Death Care"? Well simple, the word "Obamacare" as Obama's name in it. And it's his health care plan they are trying to scare people into believing will take away all of their insurance and their right to be treated. So yeah, "Obamacare" scares people and makes them say, "It's that damn Obama! He's trying to kill me!"

Ex-Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin was brought into this when she said she doesn't want Obama's "Death Panel" to decide whether or not old or young people should go on living. And insinuated that her poor son with autism would be put to death by Obama because he cannot contribute much to society.

Keith Olberman did a GREAT show about this, where he totally calls out Palin and her evil lies. To say that an American president wants to kill you...isn't that criticism in some form? If it were Bush and people said things about it you can bet your entire wallet the right wingers would be up in arms saying it's unpatriotic to call your president a murderer.

Truthfully, these tactics can't go on forever. Obama has no "Death Panel" nor is he going to be telling you that yes you can have health care, but no this person can't because he doesn't do enough. It's a universal health care program, PUBLIC health care! Do these people even know what that means?

It basically means that I can be down and out on my luck, have hardly any money to live, but can still be treated by a doctor of my choice and it doesn't come out of my wallet.

Imagine how many lives that will save. Imagine how many people in the US can't afford health care or doctors bills. With this public health care system everyone can be treated. It's not taking away anyone's right to health care, it gives EVERYONE the same opportunity to be treated.


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