Saturday, August 15, 2009

OC Gay Pride and EQCA

Today was the Orange County Gay Pride...festival? It was held in Irvine and was more of a festival than a parade, but I still had a load of fun. I was volunteering at the EQCA booth, trying to get people to sign up to volunteer their time as well. I met a lot of awesome people and got a bunch to sign up with EQCA. They're looking for people to do calls, canvas neighborhoods, etc.

When I first got there I was like, "Wow, this is small." But a good amount of people showed up and kept on showing up the whole day.

Beth Krom was there. She was the mayor of Irvine and now she is running for Congress in the 48th district. I don't live in the 48th, but I do support Beth Krom for Congress. She is one tough woman. I never heard it speak until today and it was pretty amazing.

I signed up for more volunteer work because I do want to get involved with equal rights work with EQCA, but I also have to work on this free reading program this year. It needs to get started.

On the way home Faris and I saw something weird. We parked by a CVS to get some drinks, and the car next to us had two stickers:

1. Liberalism is not a majority

2. Abortion kills

The owner of the car was inside, talking away on his cell phone. When we, he followed us out. We saw him next to us about a street or so away from the freeway. Then we saw him again when we got back into Fountain Valley, right next to us the whole time. Not that I'm paranoid or anything, I just thought it was pretty weird. :)

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