Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reno's Sunday: A Two Week Report

Oh man, I can't believe it's Sunday already. All week I have done nothing but work late into the night. I got 3 or 4 hours of sleep each time I went to sleep, before I had to wake up and start working again. Got very little time to rest.

We've been taking apart my father's office and moving it to the garage so that we can set up my grandpa's new room. But before that we had to clear out the garage of all the boxes that were piling up to the ceiling.

But the room was finally put together by Friday morning, and the office is together in the garage as of today. Now all we have to do here at home is go through the rest of the boxes, and organize around the house.

While all that was going on I found moments in the day to do other things. I've been blogging and I made it to Drinking Liberally in Santa Ana twice. I've been racking my mind trying to think of ways to present my idea of a free reading program in Fountain Valley. When I went to Drinking Liberally this past Thursday I was able to get even more ideas, and I found some contacts that I I need to pursue.

I found a lot of children's book in the boxes in my dad's garage. They used to be mine, and now that I have them again I can start to build my library of age appropriate books to use for the free reading program. Got to keep these ideas flowing!

I've been listening to Jim Ladd on 95.5FM KLOS for the past two weeks as well. I met the Jim Ladd Tribe members last month and they kid of turned me on. It's been pretty damn fun. I went to one of the Tribe member's birthday yesterday and had one hell of a day.

So in short, the past two weeks have been crazy. Full of work, strategical planning, talking to people to get advise, blogging, listening to Jim Ladd, and making new GREAT friends.

And now the big news.

Grandpa got out of ManorCare in Fountain Valley, and is now living with us in my father's house. Since my Aunt stole his house and sold it he has no place to go but come live with us. So he is here now, doing very well. He's still pretty much all there, but a little more reserved as he hasn't got as much energy.

My forecast for the week ahead of me. Pretty much the same, but I'll have a lot of computer work and writing to do. That too and I have to get my room settled finally. I've been living back at my father's house for more than two months now and I haven't finalized the room set up yet. I got some of my posters up, but there are still boxes up here to go through.

Welp, I can only wait to see what crazy things will happen during the week. Hopefully something good happens that I can blog about. Tired of the news about health care myth spreading, and American socialism myths, and Obama Nazi/racist/Communist myths.

But, keep reading for more news of all the above mentioned!

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