Thursday, August 13, 2009

Limbaugh: Palin was Dead Right

Yay! I swear Rush gives me some of the best (and worst) material. What was it...Monday or Tuesday...when Keith Olbermann called Palin out on his show Count Down.

Some people I have talked with think I'm crazy for listening to Limbaugh or Hannity. But my whole thing is, the more you listen the more you will know what crazy ideas the right wingers are throwing out there to scare people. Call me a spin expert (actually don't, because I don't think I am haha) but I love reading and listening to these jokers so I can reverse their spin.

The Limbaugh Wire is just a great resource for this stuff. And what are they saying today about Rush and Health Care?

From the article:

"He knows why Obama is not specifying a plan or talking about the House plan: because Obama doesn't care about anybody but himself, and he's out of touch and detached from reality -- Obama just wants control of health care and doesn't care about the details. Rush added that he was "proud" of the people going to the town halls, calling it civic activism at its best, not malcontents or leftist rent-a-mobs."

Obama is a hater, plain and simple. What? You didn't know that?

Chris Prevatt from showed me some pictures he took a while back during the "Tea Bagging Party's". He got a real good shot of some guy holding a sign that had the lone man standing in front of a tank an Tienanmen Square, with a caption saying soemthing like, "America's Future."

So yeah, didn't you know? We are Soviet Russia now!

OK enough of that. In all seriousness this is just silly....ok maybe a little more...

LIMBAUGH: I can deliver what Obama is promising with one sentence. Very simple. You're sick? Here's a train ticket to Canada. If you love the -- if you like socialized medicine, we can send you to Canada to get treated, and we can do it for much less than converting our system to Canada's. All we gotta do is put you on a train, put you on an airplane. The transportation costs -- let the Canadians handle the care, if you like that kind of system. Or if you wanna go to the UK, we'll put you on a plane and send you there.

Limbaugh: "Oh, and Sarah Palin has rocked 'em with that one because she's dead right, they are death panels." I guess Rush is saying lets take all of our sick, huddled masses...and send them away. You truly are a "passionate conservative" Rush.

OK...more of Rush

LIMBAUGH: These death panels that -- and Sarah Palin has doubled down on it, according to the Politico. She's now defended her claim that the Democrat health care proposal would create death panels in a statement Wednesday night, slamming Obama. And if you go to her Facebook page and you look at the notes and you look at the things she wrote about death panels, it would seem to me that all of the inside-the-Beltway elites, from Peggy Noonan to Mort Kondracke, to Charles Krauthammer, to whoever the hell else said she needs to educate herself on the issues. She needs to become more sophisticated. She needs to do some homework. Seems to me if you go to her Facebook, she's done some homework on this health care bill. She has become an expert on section 1233. [...] But I would suggest that anybody who doubts her intellectual heft or her ability to learn and study, go to her Facebook page and look at the notes she's taken, and it's right there, the study that she has done and engaged in in order to learn about section 1233.

Didn't Keith talk about this in that video clip I posted yesterday? I can't remember exactly, but he was talking about a plan that actually did involve "death panels" and taking health care away from senior citizens, but provides FREE health care to illegal immigrants, mandates abortions, and demands euthanasia.

Keith: "If you read it without knowing the truth at the time you would have shoved the right wingers out of the way at the town halls and start screaming yourself. It seems to have been created by the Liberty Council, an offshoot of Jerry Falwell's(Spelling?) Liberty University. A council who's other big policy concern as been...the attack on Christmas."

Keith is my favorite TV Journalist next to Rachel Maddow. And let me tell you, both of them kick the right wingers right where they deserve it.

As for Rush...oh you poor little man. Sometimes I wonder if you were better or worse when you were on the drugs...but nobody that matters really cares I guess.

Here is a clip from Limbaugh's show today. Spin...I must be one of the most simplest (and most of the time effective) tool the right winged radio pundits use all day.


  1. Sometimes I wonder if Rush Limbaugh ever actually listens to himself or if he just doesn't give a fuck. I mean, if you really were to put meat to most of the things he says, America would be the crapsackiest of Crapsack Worlds.

  2. Seriously. I don't have an answer obviously on whether or not Rush actually listens to himself. My bet is no, he gets paid far too much to care what he says.

    Bree, do you watch much MSNBC, like Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow? You'd love Rachel. If your tired of all the right winged nonsense watch those two, they will take your head ache away lol


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