Friday, September 4, 2009

Glenn Beck on Socialist City Buildings

I've been on a Glenn Beck kick lately I know. Here's a run down of my pundit smashing history:

4 years ago I started to listen to and discredit Sean Hannity.

Soon after Sean got boring I moved on to Larry Elder.

When Elder got boring I moved on to O'Reilly

Soon after that I moved onto Limbaugh

And now it's all about Beck, who's insanity is giving me and tons of other bloggers out there material that will last for at least the rest of this year.

Beck has been losing sponsors for calling Obama a racist, and now he is on this communist kick. Last night Olbermann did one hell of a number on Beck's little New York socialist tour/lesson. Beck points out all of the symbols in New York that remind him of Communism.

Why does he do this? He does this so that he can haphazardly tie in MSNBC. MSNBC in Beck's mind is a Fascist, Socialist, Marxist, and just plain evil television network that broadcasts from a communist building in New York...and by the way did he mention the mind control device MSNBC uses?

He's talking about what he calls propaganda that you see every day in New York, Socialist propaganda that is infesting your streets over night. It NEVER existed until now guys...seriously. All these sculptures and engravings popped up just within the past few months since Obama took office.

Beck first points out this lovely engraved picture of a man with a hammer and a man standing next to wheat...which is misinterprets as weed. I loved Olbermann's response to this.

"There's weed over there? I've been coming here for thirty years; I never knew there was weed over here!"

636 5th Avenue, Beck talks about another picture that no one knows what it is...So what is that building located at 636 5th avenue anyway? The clothing store
Fa├žonnable is what is located at 636 5th ave...

What's worse is how Beck tries to describe this picture on the side of the clothing store building. The man in the picture he claims is Mussolini...

These are all pictures that prove that Obama is a Socialist...because they were put on the side of a building nearly thirty years ago...before Obama became President...

Beck is talking about how all these images of socialism drive him mad...and yet he has a socialist image on his desk IN FOX STUDIOS! He claims he likes to keep it because it reminds him that something so beautiful can come out of something that's so horrible. In this case the sculpture he has on his desk is that of a man bending a sword into a plow. Guess was MADE IN THE USSR!

The sculpture he has is actually a miniature one made after a statue that was given to America by the former Soviet Union, a statue that sits behind the United Nations...which sits on land donated by Rockefeller.

Way to go successfully tied in socialism, MSNBC, Rockefeller, New York, the United Nations, and YOURSELF!

"Oh my gosh!" - Beck

"Glenn Beck has a communist paper weight?" - Olbermann

These are all communist fascist images that Beck says you see just don't realize it. So Olbermann takes us on a tour/lesson of his own to read ancient images off the News Corp home building.

Fox and Friends- Oh! It means being held back a year in school!

Hannity and Colmes- The man on the right depicts a man functioning despite absence of brain. And the man on the left is...well Allen Colmes...who isn't on Fox why is there still a symbol for him?

O'Reilly- Why it's a pictograph from ancient Crete. Yes! An ancient Cretan!

But what you won't find is a picture or symbol for Glenn Beck. Is Fox ashamed of Glenn Beck? Where is Beck's symbol??

Guess what's on top of the building that houses News Corp?

The NBC Earth Station.

Wow so lets see here...Fox News is located in Rockefeller Center....

Glenn has successfully tied in Fascism, Socialism, Obama, Rockefeller, MSNBC, Fox News, the United Nations, and himself.

Wow...6 degrees of separation here...

Glenn Beck calls Obama a socialist for pictures that he sees in New York, especially one that he keeps on his desk that is located behind the UN; pictures that were put on buildings in the Rockefeller Center, who donated land for the UN, which is home to MSNBC where Keith's show is broadcasted, and is also home to News Corp where Glenn Beck's show is hosted...

From Lenin, to Rockefeller, to New York, to the UN, To Obama, to MSNBC, and back to him at Fox News. Way to go Beck, you only proved that you and half of New York are communist.


  1. I love Glenn Beck. All the others - Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh - they all make me mad whenever I hear their bullshit, but Beck cracks me up. He's so convinced he's a genius cutting through all the "leftist conspiracies" out there that he can't tell he's an absolute dope looking for meaning in the crumbs left in his cereal bowl. "These Alpha-bits! They are spelling something! O-L-I-G-A-R-H... They're trying to tell me that Obama has been attempting to establish an oligarchy!"

  2. HA HA HA! That was awesome! Seriously, I love Beck too. Without Beck's comical antics I have no material lol.

    And yes I'm pretty sure he got the OLIGARH idea from his cereal.


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