Monday, September 14, 2009

The Week in Review

What a week man.

Well as all of you know I've been covering the Obama address in schools. I was able to contact a lot of schools in Newport-Mesa, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, and Anaheim. The story is fizzling out now though, so I'm going to wrap it up in a week or so with a final review.

My blog about the Obama address was actually accepted on to theLiberalOC blog early this week, and that was pretty awesome.

Other that working on my blog I've been working my ass off with my dad's business. I seriously just want to fall on my bed when work is over and sleep the rest of the day away...

It was a very interesting party situation though all weekend. I went to my friend's Faris' house on Friday and went to Silky Sullivan's. Pulled a three-party night on Saturday. Faris had invited me to a college football party at his buddy's house, then we had to get to Huntington Beach for my friend's house warming party. Then we had to rush back to Silky's to meet up with some more friends, and that lasted pretty much the whole night. I took some awesome pictures though, which I will be posted on FaceBook soon.

And finally Sunday, I hung out with Faris for a bit and watched some Woody Allen movies, then came back home and worked on the computer pretty much the rest of the night.

Well that's all for the week in review for me. And as always keep your eyes right here because there is always more news to be broken. :)

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