Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama School Address Update

So yesterday I got word that superintendent Hubbard from the NMUSD would not be showing Obama’s live streaming address in schools. The two excuses for not showing this address to students are “political sensitivities” and “internet access” problems.

I got this story from Katrina Foley, who posted it up on I asked her for some more information, like if she knew of any other schools that are following NMUSD lead. She told me that Irvine, Saddleback, San Juan Capistrano, and Santa Ana all did the same.

So what is going to happen? What can we do to show the schools that we want our kids to see the President address them and challenge them to stay in school and get an education?

Another friend on, Susan Freeze, posted that her husband was listening to Air America Radio when a man called in and explained to Randi Rhodes that his school district would not be showing the address. His solution to this issue is to keep his child home from school that day so that he can watch the address.

Here’s some good news though. The Mesa School District in Arizona will in fact be showing the Obama address to their students. The superintendent has said that if parents don’t want their children to watch the address they can contact their school and their child will not be shown the address.

The speech Obama is going to be giving students on Tuesday is a 15 to 20 minute long address, where Obama will be challenging students to create good work ethics, personal educational goals, and to take responsibility for their learning.

Glenn Beck calls this indoctrination. I call it a positive message that is meant to challenge our children to stay in school and get an education.

I honestly think that if this were President Bush no one would have these weird “political sensitivities” and the address would be shown. If Bush did give an address to children in schools to challenge them I wouldn’t be mad. I would be happy, and I would say “Thank you for your help, Mr. President.”

But there are so many lies being spread about Obama being a Fascist, Communist, Socialist, Marxist, Nazi that uneducated people are in an uproar over the idea of the President talking to their children. If Bush were to do this speech I would bet you all the money I have in my name that it would be very similar to what Obama’s speech will be on Tuesday.

The lies need to stop here and now. People, do some research and find out what a socialist actually is. I did a whole blog on what it means right HERE, and no one cared to learn I guess.

But seriously people, don’t let shortsightedness get the better of you. Don’t give in to the lies and slander the right-wingers are spreading. And certainly don’t take away the opportunity of seeing the President give a live speech meant for your children. Watch the address yourself on Tuesday, and then come back to me and try to tell me it was indoctrination. You won’t be able to, because it won’t be indoctrination.

This isn't about politics, so don't make it out to be. It's about your children and their education.

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