Monday, September 28, 2009

The Week in Review

What a crazy time it has been. I have been so busy with work, and on top of that I injured myself, and on top of that I won tickets to an album listening party. So where to begin?

Last Sunday I fell off my bike with my friend. I face planted the ground and got a gash right above my eye. On top of that the entire eye was black and blue, and when I fell I put out my hand and got some nargley road rash on my hand.

I was going to have a party on that day, but I hurt myself pretty bad and had to call it off and relax. But I’m feeling better and healing nicely.

I was able to win tickets to Jim Ladd’s “Headsets II” album listening party. It was held at the Lasarium in Hollywood. It was one awesome laser light show to the sounds of Billy Sherwood’s music and Jim Ladd’s inspirational voice over. It was all about love and with the entire Tribe there that was all you felt. It was an awesome experience.

Faris and I got our pictures with Jim Ladd, although they didn’t come out too well because the guy we gave the camera too couldn’t figure out how to use it. Faris bought the album and got Billy Sherwood and Jim Ladd to sign it. We both got them to sign our tickets as well.

I also got in contact with that guy who was complaining about after school sports and the Marching Band at FVHS. He was very sharp and quick with me, but in the end he never really answered any of my questions. Rather he told me to contact HBUHSD, which I have already done. I’m going to go look up the minutes to that meeting on their website and see what really went on.

Did anyone see that awesome Saturday Night Live sketch with President Obama turning Glenn Beck’s show on? It was absolutely hilarious! Glenn Beck tries to rearrange the letters in the word ‘Obama’ and comes up with ‘Aroma’. Quite a testament to what we saw a few weeks back, a paranoid Glenn Beck with a caulk board trying to spell words without using letters that may mean something in secret like how ‘c’ stands for czar.

Anyway, I’m going to post that clip and you should all check it out.

Today I worked all day at the computer and then did s hit load of house work which mainly included getting my room organized. Since I moved back in with my father to help him out with the house I haven’t had a chance to get my room in a good position. I just had to straighten it out today, and whereas it’s not fully complete its good enough for now until I can unload some of this junk I’m selling.

And that was the week in review for me. Stay tuned for incoming news stories.

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