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Obama-nator II: Indoctrination Day

The time has come, just one day to go until Obama’s positive pep talk for schools. Challenging children to set goals for themselves and to stay in school and get an education. It should be one momentous day for our country’s children, but there are still people out there who are trying to say that this is no pep talk, but the President indoctrinating our children.

Seriously, a lot of people in America believe that when Obama speaks to our children that he is going to be indoctrinating them with socialist attitudes and ideas. So I’m challenging anyone out there who agrees with this theory of Obama indoctrination to tel me why you think that and show some proof that this is actually what Obama is planning on doing.

I already have done my research…and then some over the past weekend. I’ve been getting ready for this one, because this one is going to be big. So I challenge you to prove that Obama’s address to America’s children will have anything to do with healthcare, banks, automobile companies, or taxes. Well…anyone?


A spokesman said the party was particularly concerned about the study questions the department had provided. "The goal of these materials is to tell students why they should support President Obama in his overall agenda," said Katie Gordon.
"If the former administration had done something like this, the media would be handling this a lot differently," she added.

We reviewed the study materials but didn't see any mention of controversial issues, let alone any attempt to indoctrinate students in socialism. The pre-K through 6th grade materials said the main ideas of the speech would be "citizenship, personal responsibility, civic duty." The materials for high schoolers mention "personal responsibility, goals, persistence."

If you were to ask me I would say without a doubt that the President’s speech is rather innocuous. And what’s also very true about this issue is that if the previous administration was to do this and speak to our children in school it would be greeted with open arms.

Seriously (and I got this from the HuffPost) this pep talk caused so much anger and craziness you’d think that Obama was going on national TV to show our kids how to slip a condom onto a banana. It’s just not going to happen!


Gordon, of Tampa, Fla., is among a growing number of parents across the country who are troubled by the president's plan to address elementary, middle and high school students in an online and televised speech Tuesday.

"It's a form of indoctrination, and I think, really, it's indicative of the culture that the Obama administration is trying to create," Gordon told on Thursday. "It's very socialistic."

How the hell is talking to kids about work ethics and setting goals socialistic? Unless you have any proof that what Obama is going to be talking about deals with socialism then present it! Unless Obama starts to talk about business, healthcare, taxes etc then it’s not a socialist indoctrination. It’s not an attempt to make kids believe that they should support President Obama, it’s an attempt to make kids have their own ideas about an issue and to get active with the community. Last I checked you could be a member of any political party and still be active in the community.

If you don’t want your child to watch Obama give schools an inspirational pep talk on the value of education then tell your school. I’m sure they’ll find some ridicules alternative activity for your child to do. But whatever you do don’t tell the schools not to show this address, because I’m sure they are some parents who would like they’re child to watch the speech, so don’t ruin it for them because of your misplaced fears and your uneducated beliefs of what socialism is.

Don’t forget to call the local school districts and tell them you want the Obama address to be shown in schools!

NMUSD- 714-424-5000

FVSD- 714-843-3200

HBUHSD- 714-903-7000

These numbers are just the districts by me, you district can be found just as easily on the internet.


This article was found just as I was finishing up this new blog! The Obama speech has been released (or at least a few parts) to show to America that it is not an indoctrination!


WASHINGTON – In a speech that drew fire even before he delivered it, President Barack Obama is telling the nation's schoolchildren he "expects great things from each of you."

"At the end of the day, we can have the most dedicated teachers, the most supportive parents, and the best schools in the world," Obama said. "And none of it will matter unless all of you fulfill your responsibilities."
The White House posted Obama's remarks on its Web site at midday Monday. He's scheduled to deliver the talk from Wakefield High School in suburban Arlington, Va., Tuesday. It will be broadcast live on C-SPAN and on the White House Web site.

Obama's planned talk has proven controversial, with several conservative organizations and individuals accusing him of trying to pitch his arguments too aggressively in a local-education setting. White House officials, including Education Secretary Arne Duncan, have said the allegations are silly.

Oh my god! Obama’s trying to tell our kids that we have the most supportive parents, the best teachers, the best schools, but that it won’t matter if our children don’t fulfill their responsibilities! Socialist! Socialist! I found a socialist everyone!
This is just stupid.


"It's a sad state of affairs that many in this country politically would rather start an "Animal House" food fight rather than inspire kids to stay in school, to work hard, to engage parents to stay involved, and to ensure that the millions of teachers that are making great sacrifices continue to be the best in the world," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday. "It's a sad state of affairs."
In the prepared remarks, Obama tells young people that all the work of parents, educators and others won't matter "unless you show up to those schools, pay attention to those teachers."

Yes, it is a sad state of affairs when someone turns a good message into something political. I don’t see how this is indoctrinating at all. I don’t see how this instills communist ideas and attitudes in our children.

In my last few blogs about this subject I was under the impression that this speech was only going to be delivered to students through the internet. I found out that C-SPAN is actually going to be carrying the speech.

If that’s true, than why is Dr. Hubbard from Newport-Mesa Unified School District claiming that all of his schools are having internet access problems and that’s why he can’t show the kids Obama’s speech? That is one lame duck of an excuse and I urge everyone to call NMUSD and leave a message telling them what you think of his lame excuses.

Indoctrination…yeah right.
Lets see you try and pull that stuff now righties...


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