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From the Front Lines: #OPWBC

It’s been a very crazy couple of days now here, and the all out offensive from the group known as Anonymous against the Westboro Baptist Church is still in full swing. The continuing DSOSing of their site as well as an all out full frontal attack against the church by ‘rallying’ at each place the WBC twits are lodging. People have been making calls to Motel 6’s all across Fairfield County in Connecticut right now to not only find out where the members are staying but to verbally express their distaste for Motel 6 to allow them to lodge in their establishments.

I’m currently reporting from the front lines…I guess you could say. The truth is I’m safely at home in Washington, but I have been following Anonymous and the others who are against the WBC. They formed an IRC chat which I joined to watch the war unfold and report what was happening as I got it.

All day and night there were people working hard to find out exactly where the WBC folks were hiding, and of course, what they were tweeting. The group also had a firm grip on the website, but have let up on their attack recently to prepare for something bigger.

Fred Phelps JR himself was retweeting everything on that had a #WBC tag. When hackers and activists alike found out where they were staying they posted it on Fred Phelps himself retweeted the same tweet which gave away his location. Either a ploy to lead people in the wrong direction or seeking attention, I don’t know but it’s still pretty dumb.

Anonymous’ main goal here in this first part of the war seems to be to get the WBC people banned from every hotel and motel in Fairfield County, Connecticut. This way they will be forced to spend the night in their van(s) before they protest victims of the Sandy Hook shooting tomorrow.

On top of calling every hotel and motel in the area (including Motel 6) they also were successful in issuing Shirley Phelps a death certificate, changing the background to her desk top to gay porn, and locating the motels they are staying at and ordering a ton of pizza to known WBC members homes.

Anonymous would like to see people rally to the motels WBC members stay at and peacefully ask them to leave. And rumor had it that a biker club would be attending the funerals to protect the victims’ family members, most likely by creating a hybrid wall of humans and motorcycles. However, when I looked online to see if there was any truth to this I could not find any. I did find the website to the Patriot Guard Riders, and they had this message on their website regarding the shooting in Newtown:

*** Connecticut Elementary Shootings ***
The recent, tragic shootings in Connecticut weigh heavy on us all. The Patriot Guard understands the anguish caused by such a calamity as this and our hearts go out to the family and friends of those affected by this horrific event. 

We (PGR) receive hundreds of emails a day requesting the PGR to stand in honor at the planned services. However, the PGR is not a counter protest group. Our mission statement is clear and regrettably the circumstances surrounding this tragic event do not fall within our mission statement. For more details on our missions statement, please go to and review the information located in the “About Us” section in the Site Navigation section. 

Again, our hearts go out to all of the families of the affected families, and to the community as a whole, for this tremendous loss.

Patriot Guard Riders, Inc.
That is understandable and all, but it does kind of suck to know that a biker club won’t be there.

The big news was when we all found out that WBC was lodging at a Motel 6 in Southington, Connecticut. People had taken photos of a van in the parking lot with Kansas plates, Kansas being where these asshats originate. There were also photos taken of police cruisers in the parking lot of a Motel 6 that hit the web as well.

But it was very possible that after Motel 6 tweeted about not allowing the WBC members to stay at their motel that they stayed anyway. But it is still very possible that they left the motel after the corporate office made that statement via Twitter. Either way, there is an article that I discovered while in the IRC chat. The link was placed into the chat feed so I clicked on it and found this:


“I can't put you through to those rooms,” a desk clerk at a Motel 6, who refused to give their name, said over the phone. “I wish those people weren't staying here. I hate them and what they stand for.”

If in fact Motel 6 did not turn down the members of WBC it wouldn’t matter too much because they’ll still protest tomorrow. But even after the protests Anonymous will still wage the war on this sick group of fucks.

While I was inside the IRC room I noticed some text on the top of the chat room:

[Welcome to #OpWestboro] Targets [ – -] No DDoS for now. Strike time is 6pm EST 12/21

As well as that text I also found a link which guided to the Anonymous war plan. For now it would seem they are going to halt most DDoS attacks until the time of strike. It said that phone and fax attacks would also cease for a short time but that prank calls would be conducted and that the ordering of pizza to known addresses of WBC members would continue.

The time of strike will include such attacks as listed above; mail spam, twitter attacks, prank calls and deliveries, and DDoS.

The war is not over. Anonymous vowed to destroy the WBC completely and they are working around the clock to do so. The WBC believes that no one can silence their message of hate and that the internet was created by God for them to be able to spread their message. Anonymous and others want to show them that they can be silenced, and that if there is a God he would truly find them deplorable. 

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12/19/2012 12:30PM PST

Back on the front lines here, @YourAnonNews posted a link directing me to a streaming video of a person at the Sandy Hook victim's funeral, where firemen and women formed a human wall to protect the mourners from the WBC. 

During the video, which was presented by Jake Esker, you can see hundreds of people lined up to show support for the victims families and to block the WBC's protest from being seen.

Unfortunately, Jake's IPhone was about to die and he couldn't give us a full streaming account of what was happening. He returned to his car to charge up the battery when he noticed a camera man walking by. He stopped him to ask him what was happening. 

It was there that Jake learned that the WBC members would not be coming out to protest today because there would be no burial today. Still unsure if the burial was just postponed or if was even suppose to happen today. Camera man said, "They never came out. They say they're going to show up at everything, but they almost never do."

But what happens when the funeral plans are back on track? Will WBC stay to protest? Did the amount of people that showed up today, including the firefighters, deter the WBC from wanting to protest? 

Most likely not, but it doesn't matter. The war is still raging on as the Twitter account of @WBCFredJr was hacked just moments ago by Anonymous members. 

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