Thursday, December 27, 2012

Piers Morgan Deportation Petition

Ah, the shit has really hit the fan now! People are pissed and they want Piers Morgan out of the country. His constant and reckless concern for this nation’s bill of rights is what is forcing the American people’s hand to creating a petition to have him deported from the United States of America.

So what did he do? He must have told people they can’t sing Christmas Carols, or maybe he broke up a tea party rally and violated their free speech, or maybe he wants to get rid of the second amendment completely and have all of our guns taken away. Wait…he doesn’t?

Piers Morgan is under fire by the right-wing because of comments he made on his show about gun control. Morgan has always been a proponent of gun control and is verbal about it on his CNN news show. He had a guest on his show who made some good points about guns, those being that guns are here, they are an 18th century technology, and they last several human life times with minimal maintenance. And that is why he believes that guns should be in schools…

OK I’m not all about this idea to put armed guards in our schools because it’s alarmist bullshit. School shootings happen, yes, and they will continue to happen. Think of it as 7-11; more 7-11’s get robbed than schools get shot up in America each year. Do we need an armed guard in every god damn 7-11? I understand this is to protect the children, and their lives are worth more then whatever a cash register holds at a convenience mart. But really, do we need to be putting armed guards in every school to make sure our kids our safe?

I’m also not for what Piers Morgan says either. Doing the exact opposite and limiting the amount of guns or banning certain guns, or banning certain ammunition clips, is not going to solve the problem.

But this petition bullshit is just straight right-winged non-sense. Basically the petition was created because of comments Morgan made about gun control, so the right-wing blasted him saying that he has “engaged in a hostile attack against the US Constitution by targeting the second amendment.”  

I’m still not sure as to how asking for gun control is a hostile attack against the US, I certainly don’t think gun control does shit, but is asking for gun control an attack against the Constitution? Nah, I don’t think so.

It will become an attack when politicians work to repeal the second amendment. If an all out ban on guns is ever conceived then that should be when we rise up to say ‘Oh hell no’.

Now if Morgan had his way would the whole world be gun free? Yes. And why the fuck not, if you could enlighten every fucking human on earth, and we all got rid of our weapons that would be awesome. To bad it’s a pipe dream, but hey, is it really that bad of an idea? Is it really such a dangerous idea that someone should be deported for it?

I think Americans need to start thinking a little more rationally then be on the party lines, if you know what I mean. Sure, there are a lot of parts of life that really are black and white, but there is a whole lot of gray in between.

It’s like pro-life or pro-choice; EVERYBODY is for pro-life AND pro-choice, but the issue is whether you are for or against abortion. But when you think along party lines it is very easy for these distinctions to get blurred. Gun control doesn’t exactly mean the ban of all firearms to the public just like the Constitution doesn’t say that everyone needs to own a gun.

Just because Morgan shares a completely different view on gun control than I do doesn’t mean he is attacking my rights. No, he won’t be doing that until he tries to forcefully take my guns away by either making it law or trying to physically take it (the latter of which is not a bright idea).

So calm down you Mitt Romney voting, right-winged gun-nuts. Morgan may have a different opinion than you, one that you may completely disagree with and think he is a moron for even having, but he has a right to say it, and it would be really bad if you took away his Constitutional right to say it because you assumed he was trying to take away your Constitutional right to fire it.

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