Monday, December 17, 2012

Hack Attack! Anonymous' Offensive Against Westboro Baptist Church

Anyone who knows what’s going on with the hacker group known as Anonymous and the hateful mother fuckers at the Westboro Baptist Church knows that right now, as of this very moment, the WBC website is currently offline. The site has been DDoS’d which stands for Distributed Denial of Service. That means that someone has sent the website so many requests that the server cannot keep up with, thus taking the website off the internet until it can handle the amount of requests either by increasing bandwidth or just waiting for the amount of requests to recede or cease. 

This came about when WBC said in a tweet that they would picket the funerals of the children and adults who died last Friday in the shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The church (if you’re unfamiliar with these inbred throw backs) claims that God is upset with the fact that this country has allowed gay rights to such as the right to marry to pass legislation and that he is allowing horrible acts to occur in our country, such as the Connecticut school shooting, because of it.

These assholes actually plan on protesting these funerals, holding signs which read “God Hates Fags” “Fag is Sin” and prepare yourself for this crazy shit… “God Sent the Shooter”.  

The hacker group Anonymous has pledged to keep the WBC website down for as long as it takes, and apparently they plan to deface the site as well.

From the Article:

An Anonymous source has said it intends to keep the website offline throughout the day, with plans to take it over completely and deface it
“We will continuously DDOS until they are forced to put their inbred church tithes to use to pay for bandwidth.”

But not only have they taken down the website and plan to deface it, ANON members are saying that they were able to…

 change Phelps-Roper’s desktop background to gay porn, uncovered alleged social security numbers of key WBC members through the doxing process, and successfully filed for a death certificate for Phelps-Roper. The group has since tweeted out the alleged hotel where WBC members were staying and offered an IRC channel specifically to talk about its #OpWBC movement.”

Twitter is all abuzz with Anonymous and WBC news. Currently following a few tweeters here on #OpWBC and watching @YourAnonNews for breaking developments. The site seems to come up and go down, but right now it’s down. 

Currently Shirley Phelps’s twitter page has been taken over as well by someone known as @cosmothegod, who has already posted tweets about his victory. Hundreds of people are thanking the hackers for what they have done as well, one person saying, PLF @PLF2012: I do not ever recall an Anonymous Operation where we have received this many messages of gratitude in this short amount of time. #OpWBC

And according to @YourAnonNews, the WBC members have left a hotel in Connecticut after ANON leaked info about which hotel they would be staying at. A solid victory for Anonymous on this day, as not only has the GodHatesFags website been taken down, but they have also hit the members hard by releasing their contact info, and just generally causing massive amounts of issues for these useless throwbacks.

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