Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The War Rages On

Day two of the all out assault on the Westboro Baptist Church continues today as the WBC headed to the funerals of Sandy Hook victims to protest. Firefights from Fairfield County, Connecticut as well as other activists were there to form a human wall to block the WBC protesters from the scene of the funeral.

On the ground was a man named Jake Esker, who with his iPhone documented the counter-protest until his phone unfortunately died. While back at his car to charge the phone up he saw a camera man which he stopped to ask what was happening.

The camera man informed Jake that the WBC would not be protesting today, only because the funerals would not be taking place. I’m still unsure if the funeral was postponed or if it was even meant to happen today.

This isn’t stopping WBC, however. In an email intercepted by the group Anonymous from WBC members which indicates they may in fact leave Connecticut to protest something back in Kansas, their home state. Although @YourAnonNews has reported that #OccupyNewtown is still in effect because the WBC will not leave Connecticut until the funerals have passed. Below is a copy of the email that was intercepted. 

So if this is any indication that WBC is leaving to go home then does that mean Anonymous won? Of course, but the war isn’t over yet. The group as vowed to destroy the organization, and with their strike planned for this Friday all bets are open to what will happen. So far Anonymous has attacked the WBC in many ways. They have hacked Shirley Phelps-Roper’s Twitter account @DearShirley, changed her desktop background to gay porn, disclosed the WBC members contact information, ordered tons of pizzas to known WBC member’s homes, prank calls, hacking WBC member’s email accounts and more.

However, last nights confusion over where the WBC members were staying was up in the air. Many thought that the members were staying at a Motel 6 in Southington, but according to a tweet by Fred Phelps JR that was not so. 

Either way it doesn’t matter where they stayed. It does matter I guess who allows them to lodge seeing as how I wouldn’t want to support a company that allows these types of people to stay in there establishment. They still got to the cemetery to protest, but they were thwarted not only by the firefighters and other people building the human wall, but by Anonymous themselves.

But what of the funerals that were suppose to take place today? Were they postponed or were they even supposed to have happen? How long will WBC stay in Connecticut? They spent the money to get there so will they even make due with their threats to protest at this point, or have the good samaritans scared them off? Only time will tell.

I will continue to be on the front lines reporting what happens next in this. In the mean time follow me on Twitter @Turk_Reno and add me as a friend on Facebook at as I will be constantly updating my feed and what’s going with in Connecticut.


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