Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School

On Friday, December 14th 2012 a horrible tragedy occurred in Newtown, Connecticut when an armed 20 year old forced his way into an elementary school where he opened fire killing twenty school children and six adults, before finally shooting himself in the head.

The attack occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown Connecticut around 9:30 AM EST when a young man named Adam Lanza forced his way into the school armed with two hand guns and a semiautomatic rifle. He opened fired killing twenty school children who were ages six through seven and six adults. It all happened very fast and within minutes twenty-six people were dead not including the shooter himself.

According to news reports Adam Lanza was a troubled man who perpetrated the attacks using guns that were actually owned by his mother. Why he did this…I really don’t care. I don’t care about people who are crazy and kill a bunch of young innocent kids before killing himself. He was sick, that’s all we need to know about this asshole. The reason I don’t care is because the more I think about it the more it drives me crazy. Why would someone do this, even if they are miserable and hate their own life why do they need to take others out with them. The thought upsets me, so I try not to think about it.

All the same, this tragic event did happen and it saddens me to think that out there some kid may do this again in the copycat fashion that is so prevalent these days thanks to our 24 hour media providers. I’m sorry for all those people who lost something and are suffering because of this psycho, but I think we need to grieve and move on.

This event is prompting politicians to bring up the gun control argument again, and even Rupert Murdoch has jumped on the band wagon saying that automatic assault weapons should be banned. The politicians use fear like this to further agendas, and thanks to the media they are able to do this. But aside from being able to bring up politic issues like gun control tragedies like this are used as distractions and we must be careful to not get sucked all the way into this to the point where we forget everything else in the world that is affecting us.

The truth is that horrible things happen around the world all the time and we are ignorant and selfish to it because 1) it’s happening far away, 2) we aren’t shown it in the media, 3) if it’s not involving Americans than it doesn’t matter. I understand that some people may say they care about what happens to others over seas in third world countries but they always end up saying that we have a vested interest in things that happen within our boarders. And that is true, we do and should have a vested interest in the happenings of our own country, but here are a few truths for all of you:

Children die on their birthdays in Gaza.
They die from abuse all over the world.
They die every day here in America.
They die in sex trafficking crimes
They die from drugs
They will continue to die and there is nothing we can to do stop it because some day we will die.

This event that occurred is absolutely terrible, and by all means I know how sensitive people are about this. It strikes at the hearts of all of the, the horror of it all. But remember to that that horror exists all over and always has, and we shouldn’t let this event distract us from what is actually going on that affects us, like the fiscal turmoil this country is in. Our President is our in Newtown right now and he is going to give a speech about the event, and politicians will be giving us promises and trying to sooth the wounds by being sympathetic to us and the victims, but in reality they are going to get as much television exposure as they to further their own agenda and you will see no solutions to the problems.

So remember people, step back from the TV for a while and take some time to think about it on your own. Don’t listen to the news or the radio or read it on the internet. Just take a few to separate yourself from the constant bombardment of information provided to you by the media. Grieve if you must, but remember that we must keep focused here. 

(What do you think about the shootings that occurred in Connecticut on Friday? Post your thoughts below.)


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