Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sandy Hook Copycats Arrested

The police are in full force; they’re responding to all types of copycat threats of school violence across America. Once again proving my point that guns don’t kill people, crazy people do, and no matter what the laws say these assholes who are just begging for attention will do what they want when they want and break how ever many laws they need to.

Police in Indiana have responded to threats at three different schools where people made threats about shooting up the schools. One individual was a high school student, who had 6 guns at his house which police confiscated. Two other high school students posted their intentions to want to shoot up their schools as well in a Sandy Hook/Adam Lanza fashion. One other teen was arrested after making bomb threats to one elementary school in Tennessee.


In the 50 days after the Columbine High School shooting in 1999, more than 350 threats were reported at Pennsylvania schools, skyrocketing from the one or two threats reported in the same period a year earlier. A study, published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine in 1999, determined that the publicity Columbine received led to a spike in bomb and other threats on schools. A similar shooting a year earlier in Jonesboro, Ark., received a fraction of the media attention that Columbine did, and attracted many fewer copycat threats in the days following.

This type of shit happens all the time. And people wonder why tragic events like this shooting in Newtown, Connecticut occur. It’s simply because they are crazy, and these kids are either crazy or serious about committing the same acts or they are just stupid and looking for some attention or want to see what kind of ruckus they can create by doing this.

Either way, authorities are cracking down on these cases, as they should. For one it’s taking up valuable time for police who can be arresting real criminals and for two these kids might actually do it and the people need to be safe, and for three these ‘copycat’ reports are just juvenile and those doing them should be punished for trying to create panic in their communities.

When we think about it more deeply we actually discover that a lot of these crimes are perpetrated because the media really does in a way inspire sick nuts to go out and do these things. A paper published in 1999 shows that a ripple effect was found with this type of behavior and that individuals go out and attempts to commit their own type of crime after watching media coverage of a similar one.

Let’s remember folks that this is exactly why we should step away from the TV every now and then. We need to make our own decision and not listen to the constant coverage of talking heads on the boob tube.

And if you’re crazy and thinking, “Hmm a great way to get attention would be to shoot up a school”, my advice would be, “Don’t even do it you sick fuck.” There is good attention and bad attention and the bad kind only makes things worse for everyone.


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